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Computer Skills

Computer Skills - Learn to type and operate your computer to streamline your business.

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Real Estate Web Site == Got One?

Got A Real Estate Web Site? Discover the best resource to help you build your web site. SBI! No-tech skills needed, just simple tools to develop your site from the ground up.

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Geographic Farm – Is This For You?

A geographic farm can produce amazing results! Find out how to develop your real estate farm to build a better business.

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Real Estate Marketing Plan

Write Your Real Estate Marketing Plan

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Business Plan

The Importance of Having a Business Plan. Every business needs one no matter how large or small.

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House of Magnets - The Magic of Magnetic Marketing!

House of Magnets -- top quality magnetic marketing tools to help build name/brand recognition with your customers.

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Marketing Piece Tips

Marketing Piece Tips -- a few pointers for your direct mail and e-mail marketing.

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Your Marketing Budget

How to determine your marketing budget. Basic guidelines to get you started.

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