Real Estate Marketing
"How Do I Get Started?"

The Basics of Real Estate Marketing...

The single most frequent question I’ve been asked over the past 16 years helping new agents with their marketing needs is this -- “How do I get started?” Even many experienced agents who have had some success and when faced with a lack of new business, ask the same question.

It is a great question -- especially when it seems that real estate marketing is one of the most mysterious and ominous aspects of selling real estate. Is marketing real estate so mysterious because it’s hard to figure out? Is it because you have to be a marketing specialist to make it work? No… it’s because there are thousands of marketing products, systems, and ideas to choose from.

At this point, you may even ask, “Which marketing products, systems and ideas will work best for me?” This question is one that should be answered LAST. There are some important pieces to get together before the WHAT of marketing will unfold before your very eyes.

Many of the critical steps before deciding which products to use are overlooked for a variety of reasons, the first and foremost, because you need to make money.

The reality is, unfortunately, that instant gratification for a sale (NOW, NOW, NOW) is the killer of productive action toward the opportunity to build a great marketing plan.

You may think, “I’ll buy this product and send it out, that will help. Joe Realtor said it worked for him.”

It may have, but usually once you’re done with that, little or no productive action follows to plan out what’s next because you’re busy working on closing the last sale you got from the Joe Realtor’s postcard.

Well, “It worked,” you say? Yes, at an expense probably greater than it would have cost you to get two sales.

The preliminary planning steps can be boring and time-consuming, it all depends on you. If you put your passion for selling real estate into deciding how you will promote it, then this will be a breeze. If you don’t like doing any research and you want to get out there and beat the pavement, then this may be a bit more difficult. It’s up to you. If you are willing to invest a little time into your real estate marketing decisions, then the “making money” part will be a whole lot easier later.

This is not a quick-fix marketing program that you sign up for and off you go – SUCCESS! Shoot, if you find “that” program for a reasonable cost, please let me know. I know hundreds of agents that would be thrilled that you shared. Oh, wait… you probably wouldn’t be here if you had that, sorry.

I’m building this website to share with you what I’ve learned over the years to help you develop effective real estate marketing that represents you, your unique qualities, and your way of selling real estate.

This is your business! Develop your real estate marketing program to make the most out of what YOU offer and for the least amount of money.

We will go through the basics of marketing first to identify – the WHO, WHERE, HOW, and WHEN of marketing real estate. Then finally, we get to have fun with the WHAT you will be giving to your customers. Yippee! My personal favorite.

After that, its marketing real estate made easy – when you have a plan, it is easy. But, it all starts with planning.

I think Pablo Picasso said it best in this quote.

“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” ~ Pablo Picasso

Are you ready? Then let’s get to work!

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