Marketing Piece Tips

Whether you are direct mailing or e-mailing, here are a few marketing piece tips to help you develop a great marketing piece that will get you noticed.

Direct Mail Marketing Tips

Schedule your mail to arrive Tuesday or Wednesday – avoid a Monday delivery. Statistically, mail received on Monday has a poor success rate.

Don’t overlook the back side of a postcard mailing. Look at how you receive your own mail. Consider that most mail is delivered address side up. If your message is only on the front side, will your potential customer turn the card over? Not likely if all they see are their address and your contact information.

Avoid a hard sell – people are bombarded every day with hard sell advertising. There is little to be gained from irritating your potential customers when the service you provide is support. How can you claim to represent someone’s best interest if you are pushing them to work with you?

Don’t try to close the deal with your promotional piece -– most pieces don’t have enough space to give a customer enough information to make an informed buying decision – motivate them to call you instead.

Avoid too much information – you only have one to two seconds to get their attention, people won’t continue reading if the piece is too busy or contains information that is not relevant.

E-mail Tips

Schedule your e-mail to arrive Tuesday or Wednesday –- avoid a Monday delivery.

Most people hate spam -- ask permission to e-mail BEFORE you do!

Don’t e-mail too often -- you will lose your potential customers interest.

Be relevant -- create value for your customers and they will stay on your list!

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