How Marketing Works

To build a successful marketing plan, it pays to know how marketing works. There are some important points to consider. This information should help get you started.

Marketing is NOT...

A single-shot, get all the business you need from one postcard solution.

A quick-fix to a lack of business.

Marketing Rules

Marketing takes time. Not just the planning part – but fulfilling your marketing plan takes time too. Your marketing plan should cover a minimum of six months, ideally one year, but it doesn’t end there either. The timeframe is just a goal marker for the next plan and the next after that. This is a business lifetime deal. The most unrealistic expectation you can put on your marketing plan is to get results right away and be done with it. Let me repeat: marketing takes time.

Marketing needs to be done regularly and continued throughout the ENTIRE lifetime of your business. There is never a time in your business when you should not be marketing your company in some way or another. Even if you no longer are looking for new customers – your marketing is done to maintain your current ones.

The longer you do it, the better it works.

Each year your goals change, you grow, your customers change, and your product shifts and develops. This changes the dynamics of how you will market to your customers. Even if you can’t see anything specific that has changed, you should completely review and go through the planning process again. You may spot something that was missing during the brainstorming process and you can add it in this year. It may be that your plan wasn’t as successful as you had hoped. In this case tweak it, nudge it, or totally revamp it if necessary.

It does get easier the more you do it – practice, practice, practice.

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