Frequency of Contact
-- Why Consistency Matters

Real estate marketing relies on the frequency of contact with customers. Consistency is key to success. Sadly, if you only reach your customers once per quarter, you are easily forgotten, even among friends. You are just one of many other agents competing for business. But, if you can consistently reach your customers two to three times per month, every month – the likelihood that they will remember your name is much, much higher.

The memory of a human being is very short about a thing that holds little interest. If a potential customer is NOT thinking of buying or selling real estate, they may not remember you at all. It’s nothing personal, but there is no interest. But often times you can override this with consistency. The more regularly a person sees your name and offer of service, the more likely they are to remember you. You are planting a seed into their subconscious and thus increasing your odds of getting a sale or referral later.

Look at McDonald’s. You see ads on television, hear commercials on the radio, see the stores on nearly every corner – ok, maybe that’s a bit over exaggerated. But, you are constantly reminded that they are there and ready to serve you. This is effective marketing, no matter how annoyed you become by the repetitive nature of their advertising or whether or not you like their food. They have enormous competition and yet, you know McDonald’s. Your marketing plan can have the same effect on your customers. It is through consistent contact that your potential customers will remember you.

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