Find Niche Customers

Once you’ve found the niche market that you want to work in, now the adventure begins to find niche customers. You have to be able to reach these people and the next step is to identify how. Look for anything related to this group that may give you access to them.

The possibilities that require the least amount of financial investment are obviously the most desirable, but you may have to pay to join certain organizations to become an active part of the niche group.

Questions to ask:

  • Are there organizations to which this group belongs?
  • What events or gatherings do they attend?
  • What publications do they read?
  • Where do they go for entertainment, further education, etc.?
  • Are there tools or supplies required by this group?
  • Who sells the tools/supplies? How do these vendors advertise?
  • Do they have anything else in common outside of this niche?

Look for networking groups, professional memberships, workshops, vendors, charities, associations, conferences, events, magazines, other publications, websites, etc. -- anything that is specifically targeted to this group.

If you came up with at least three different ways to contact these people, you can develop a plan to market to them. For example: networking, association e-mail member list, and advertising in the niche newsletter. The more ways you find to reach them the better.

If you can’t find a variety of ways to reach this group, you might want to reconsider this choice for a niche market. But, if this is your passion, you will just need other sources for income or customers to carry you while you do what you love.

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