Contact List Keepers

How to decide who to keep on your list

Here are a couple of things to think about when considering whether each contact is one of your Contact List Keepers or not during your contact list review.

Is this contact a potential source of income?

This may seem like an obvious question to ask, but the answers can be really tricky and require your heart-searching scrutiny.

For example, you have a friend who you’re not in contact with often but you know she believes in you. You know she will not be selling her home or buying another anytime in the distant future. Is she a potential source of income? Yes! She will refer you to people she meets and speak highly of you! Keep her faithfully on your list even though she will not become a past client anytime soon. There’s nothing better than a personal supporter.

Another example, your own sibling thinks you’re incompetent and doesn’t believe for a second that you are capable of doing a good job -- EVER. Ouch! This will seem harsh, but take them off the list, simple as that. OK, you might want to keep them on the list for limited contact – let’s say the Christmas Card List, but don’t beat yourself up trying to change someone’s mind about you, even a sibling.

Some people you will simply want to keep on your list without having an identifiable reason why, but you just don’t have the heart to take them off. Trust your instincts… there may be a reason that only time will reveal.

You MUST like the people on your list!

This may sound overly simplified, but it is crucial. If you don’t have an appreciation for or are unlikely to build an affinity with a person on your list, take them off. Even if you only end up with a few names left, you can find more suitable potential customers from other sources.

The odds are good that if you try to work with someone you don’t like you will end up unhappy, and possibly broke. Personally, I wouldn’t want to work with an agent that doesn’t like me! Trust me -- no matter how good you are at sales, most people know when you don’t like them.

Take a good hard look at the people with whom you will be communicating and spending your marketing dollars to contact. There is no sense in wasting money communicating with people who don’t like you or that you don’t like. Take them off the list.

I think you get the idea.

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